Android is more popular than the iPhone in Australia

Android is more popular than the iPhone in Australia

Well it seems that the battle over which smartphone brand is more popular in Australia is decidedly taking the same path as the rest of the world, with Android now starting to edge ahead of Apple once again. As you can see in the graph above (taken across the last year), Android’s rapid climb to the top has been nothing but startling, and between the 17th of April and roughly the 10th of July, it seemed that both had turns being ‘Top Dog’ for a while until more recently where Android has started to take a sizable lead.

That’s not too surprising considering that there are like a few million (more like 50) Android devices in the Australian market, as compared to just one from Apple (the iPhone 4), so it was inevitable. Of course, the only problem here is that while all Android phones are considered smartphones, not all of them are Great Smart Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 2, in fact we would guess that at least 50% were lower end smartphones that just pass for ‘smartphones’. We’d like to see a chart comparing the higher end smartphones to the iPhone to get a better estimate as to what Australians are buying.

Of course, the recent drop in iPhone 4 sales is due to one thing and one thing only – The upcoming iPhone 5. It’s clear that the iPhone 5, which is expected in late September or early October will be on most buyers minds and we expect that once the iPhone 5 hits markets the chart above might have a new ‘Top Dog’, even if only for a little while.

Still, we’d we interested to see how non-Android and non-iPhone devices are selling in Australia (BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phones, etc.) just to get a better idea of the Smartphone Market share.

Source: ZDNet

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