Amazon Kindle officially hits Australia!

Amazon Kindle officially hits Australia!

The Amazon Kindle has finally launched in Australia, officially! It may have taken a while, you can now purchase a Kindle in local retail shops for the first time (Dick Smith, Big W, and Woolworth’s). Well, when we say launch, we mean they’re up for pre-order as they’ll only start shopping out at the end of this month officially.

Both version’s of the Kindle 3 (in graphite) will be up for pre-order, and the 3G version will run you $219, while the wi-fi version will cost you $159 (and yes, shipping is free!). It’s certainly decently priced, compared to getting it shipped from Amazon USA and we suggest that it might just be cheaper to buy it locally (unless you have someone going to the US).

The best part is that it was recently confirmed that the 3G version will not only be free around Australia to download books on the go, but it will work while overseas as well, so roaming will indeed be free.

Do remember that while these prices are decently priced, there are rumors of Amazon having an iPad competitor on hand to be released later this year, so you may want to hold off till that comes out (although if it has a different screen, the Kindle will still be second to none in reading ease). Head to the respective websites to pre-order one today!


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