Windows Phone Tattletale, a place to share your WP7 buying experiences and concerns

Windows Phone Tattletale, a place to share your WP7 buying experiences and concerns

We’re going to admit it straight from the start – We’re big fans of the Windows Phone Operating System, so it was no surprise when we were disappointed that Windows Phone 7 sales were doing poorly around the world. It was then discovered that perhaps, just perhaps, it was carriers, retailers and phone shops who might have been putting down the WP7 experience, and easing customers away from Windows Phones towards bigger names like Android, Apple, or even BlackBerry.

If you’ve been reading Techin5 for some time now, you’d know that I love the Windows Phone 7 experience. It’s easy to use, fun, and best of all, flashy. Quite a few (and by that I mean every single one who’s touched and played around with my Samsung Omnia 7) of my friends have been visibly impressed by what Microsoft has outputted. Of course, if you’re looking at their last version, Windows Mobile, then you’d know that Microsoft has tried really hard to make a great user experience for users and reviewers alike. In fact, it’s so good that I managed to get my dad (who absolutely hates smart phones and prefers dumb phones) to upgrade his phone to a Windows Phone 7, something that Android and Apple never managed. Before you start calling me a fan boy, I must point out that as a reviewer and Editor for a Tech site, I am ethically bound to be fair to all Operating System and not show bias, which is why I own a BlackBerry phone, an Android Phone, and an iPad as well as a Windows Phone 7 device (as well as a HTC Touch Diamond, an 02 phone and one or two dumb phones).

Enter Robert McLaws, a Windows Enthusiast, like myself, who decided to get to the root of this ‘Carrier Bias’ problem, and create a website called WPtattletale. The obvious aim of this website was to let the community from across the globe come together on one site, and share their Windows Phone 7 buying experiences (or lack of) in a simple form of Tattle Taling, something we used to do as kids, but the name is extremely accurate here. The site attempts to get to the bottom of this problem, and in doing so, call out carriers who may be giving the Windows Phone 7 platform a bad name, and an unfair chance in being successful.

I myself have been in contact with Robert for over a month now, and I’ve seen the site grow from birth to where it is now. A quick look at the maps section of the site clearly shows that there are around 100+ reviews based on people giving their insights on the OS, across 4 continents.  I myself already owned a Windows Phone 7 device, but was extremely curious in how carriers treated the Windows Phone operating system, and I told Robert I would do some Mystery Shopping. This was especially useful since between the periods of late June to late July (clearly my trip is still in progress) I would be travelling to 5 countries (including Australia), and 6 cities, so it would be the PERFECT opportunity to test it Robert’s theory.

My travel results will be out in a week or two, and if you want to learn which countries and cities I went to, as well as what I found during my travels, I suggest you keep coming back to Techin5 (in fact, make life easier for yourself by bookmarking the site). In the meantime, if you’ve got a buying experience to share, or want to do a bit of Mystery Shopping, head on over to the site (link at bottom) and start reviewing stores! And yes, Microsoft IS aware of this site and are keeping close watch over it.

Link – Windows Phone Tattle Tale

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