Windows Phone 7 concept – Resizable tiles

Windows Phone 7 concept – Resizable tiles

As far as concepts go, this is perhaps the most practical one we’ve seen to date and it comes in the form of resizable tiles for Windows Phone 7. For those of you unaware, Windows Phones use live tiles which give you information on the tiles in real time without having to go into an app to check (for instance, number of missed calls, number of emails pertaining to that email address, etc.), which has always been one of the best features about the phone. Despite our love for the system, we can’t help but feel that tiles such as phone calls or messaging don’t exactly display enough information to take up such a large portion of the screen (as in the tile doesn’t need to be so big), because at the end of the day, pining tiles to the start screen means there will end up being lots of scrolling.

Another things to note is:

– Windows Phone’s are limited to only 30 live tiles on the home screen (meaning we are bound to eventually run out of space for apps we want on our home screen).

That can be slightly annoying when you think about it, especially with the ever increasing number of apps coming to the Marketplace. Then it’s not surprise that XDA forums member tiny17 was thinking the exact same thing as us (but unlike us he actually did something about it) and he designed this cool concept that you see in the picture to your left. This idea for the ‘future’ basically allows users to re-size the live tile (by long pressing the tile) where you can halve the size of the tile, allowing for greater usage of the home screen and in doing so decreasing the (potentially) amount of scrolling that needs to be done. The tile can furthermore be made even smaller to 1/4 of the original.

This, if ever implemented, means that tiles such as Internet Explorer which serve no purpose other than a quick entry into IE would take up less space than it does now, clearly allowing you to fit more tiles into the screen.

The only drawback we can think of is how users with smaller screens (3.6″ versus the 4″ Samsung Focus you see in the pictures) will struggle to press smaller icons, but of course resizing the tiles would be optional and the user can organize the screen as they see fit. Great idea tiny17, we love the idea (even if it was ours first, but we’ll let it slide for the greater good) and we would hope Microsoft would look at this down the line as a potential shuffle to the current UI. Anyone else want this? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: WPCentral

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