Twitter integration in Mango shown off

Twitter integration in Mango shown off

We all know that the much anticipated ‘Mango’ update for Windows Phone 7 is right around the corner (whether it be next month, or September). One of the feature’s we haven’t seen much of is how Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook will function on one phone without clutter and confusion, and more importantly, how Twitter will work in Windows Phone 7.

Luckily, a video was uploaded on the official Windows Phone YouTube channel with Stuart Bottom, Program Manager at the Communications Group on Windows Phone explaining how the new feature’s work and how it integrated into the new update. Initial observations show that it will work very similarly to the Facebook integration in Mango (which is a good thing) and Twitter will be extremely convenient.

Basically you can access all your notifications via the ‘Me Tile’ and reply to notifications straight from that hub, making the need to go in and out and in and out of Apps less tedious. Additionally, Windows Phone Mango (WP7.5) allows you to filter feeds pertaining to different social sites, which will allow you to easily identify which posts are from where. Nice going Microsoft, you’ve made us yearn even MORE for Mango, if that was even possible.

Source: WPCentral

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