See how Twitter and Flickr light up the world

See how Twitter and Flickr light up the world

There’s no doubt that both Twitter and Flickr are huge around the world, but the question on everyone’s mind was how huge? Ok maybe not, but it was on the mind of one man at the very least,¬†Eric Fischer who thought it would be a great idea to visualize on a map the Twitter and Flickr usage across a dark map of the world. Well he wasn’t wrong, it looks fantastic and gives us a great idea of where the usage is heaviest around the world.

What’s interesting to notice is that in the USA, the activity, especially of twitter (in blue) is heaviest on the east coast, while the activity seems much more stagnant (apart from the major cities) on the West coast. As expected, the central region is relatively twitter and Flickr dead. Some of the carribbean islands are quite twitter and Flickr active as well it seems.

Europe shows quite an output of Flickr activity throughout, and twitter seems to reign supreme in UK and northern Europe (including countries like Netherlands which is completely over run with Twitter users). If you look at the rest of the world, there is a considerable lack of Flickr and Twitter activity (according to this visualization at least), except for Japan which is twitter crazy, and New Zealand which is Flickr crazy. And as expected, Africa is almost completely dark.

Source: The Atlantic Wire

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