New Facebook features includes Skype and Facebook partnership

New Facebook features includes Skype and Facebook partnership

We all know those talks of Facebook buying Skype were untrue, especially after Microsoft ended up buying Skype anyways. The new Facebook announcements focused one Group Chat, a new way to chat (easier chat system), and Skype integration.

The group chat is exactly as it sounds, a new way to chat with a group of friends online. Simply click a friends name to get started, and if you want to add a new friend into the chat, click on the icon in the chat window and click ‘add friends to chat’ and off you go. Course, I can see this getting annoying at first, but just like MSN, people will get used to it soon enough.

The new chat interface looks cleaner and meaner as well. Hopefully this will mean chat will stop failing and crashing from time to time, but until we see the changes, all we can say is that it looks good. Both these new features will be rolled out to users in 70 different languages over the next few weeks.

The final big announcement is that Skype and Facebook are now integrated! Skype’s latest version, V5.3 (or 5.5 beta) already have Facebook integration (although as of right now we were having trouble integrating the two). What it basically means is that Facebook chat is now available on Skype (just like Windows Live Messenger currently has). Also, Facebook in browser video chat will be implemented into Facebook chat, meaning you can Video call and chat with your Facebook friends, directly from Facebook! This of course is another sign that Facebook and Microsoft are getting even cosier with Facebook (starting with the $240 million they invested in Facebook in 2007).

Video chat isn’t available yet, but it will be in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. Remember, these features are only Windows-abled right now, not Mobile.Mark Zuckerbergs not spilling any details on “when.” To quote him on a question of time tables: “We’ll see.” Coy… very coy.

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