Mango Beta Version 7712 released with new features

Mango Beta Version 7712 released with new features

It’s no secret that Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is expected to be huge, featuring over 500 new features, some of which we’ve already gone through on Techin5. We went ahead and downloaded the latest Beta version of Mango a few hours ago (version 7712) and we’ve got to say we are seriously impressed! Amongst the new features in the beta build 7712 (7720 will be the final version coming out around September/October) are the new home start screen, the inclusion of Twitter and LinkedIn being fully integrated into the phone (meaning you can tweet straight from the phone without an app), as well as a feature we’ve been calling for since Windows Phone came out in Australia – Local Scout and directories (as well as voice search) which display news and places of interest around you based on your search query (a feature that other countries have had for some time). (Apologies for the bad picture and dirty phone, in our
haste and excitement we failed to notice that till we uploaded the pics). Twitter integration video at bottom.

Of course, in Bing search you are getting more than just search, with Scout, Music (like Shazam), Vision (Microsoft Code and Qr code reader for now), and Voice. Oh and did we mention Mango also features voice to text (where you speak, and Bing listens and translates it into words on the phone).

Another feature worth noting is the Facebook Calendar Integration into your Windows Phone 7 calendar, where you’ll have directly imported in (automatically we might add) Birthdays, your events, and friends Events so you can always keep a track of what events your Boy/Girl friend’s are attending, even while on the go. Or be able to plan your day’s accordingly, but one thing is certain is that the Calendar suddenly seems quite a bit more alive!
For instance, on the 3rd of December I plan to attend Stereosonic Melbourne (a music festival which some amazing DJ’s this year) and since I clicked attending it already displays that in my calendar. And below on the 4th of December you can see Nelson’s Birthday, already in the calendar thanks to the Facebook Integration.
These are just some of the newest features in Mango beta build 7712, and there are a few more to come when Mango get’s released. All in all it’s looking like a fantastic upgrade for Microsoft, and we commend them on building such a great and vibrant Operating System. September/October suddenly seems a whole lot farther.

More Pictures (hover over picture to get description):

The People live tile now uses 4 squares to show larger pictures as opposed to smaller tiles (occasionally)

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