HP TouchPad landing in Australia on 15th August

HP TouchPad landing in Australia on 15th August

For those of you who don’t know, the HP Slate is HP’s first attempt at a fully fledged Tablet, and while we weren’t the most impressed with it when we compared it to it’s main competitors, it certainly has been improved since then and now it’s finally being released in Australia (6 weeks after it was released in the USA, which while it isn’t the worst we do wish the timing was quicker).

The bad news is that we will still be paying $100 more than the USA in terms of prices, despite our dollar being higher than theirs. You’ll be able to snag a 16GB or 32GB version, and unfortunately both models will only come in wi-fi only (no 3G, sorry). The 16GB will cost you $580, while the higher version will cost you $690 (they’re exactly the same price as the Wi-Fi iPad 2’s).

The big draw here is the Web OS interface, which you can see in the video below, and it does feature a fast 1.2GHz processor which should help move those games and videos along nicely. Those of you who are in the loop might have heard about the 1.5GHz processor being put in the TouchPad, but we aren’t getting them in Australia (but we may in the future according to HP).

It’s exactly the same size as an iPad 2, although we feel it’s much nicer to hold and smoother in our hands. Of course, the choice will be yours, and you’ll be able to pick these up from any Harvey Norman Store around Australia August 15th (yes it’s an exclusive to HN).

Source: Gizmodo

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