Google+ takes the best from Facebook and Twitter

Google+ takes the best from Facebook and Twitter

So yesterday we wrote an article up about Google+ and explain some of the features in it, and how it takes from Facebook and Twitter. Today we found an excellent chart which actually shows you which features they took from Facebook and Twitter, and it’s really eyeopening to see how they’ve combined the best of both worlds.

Have a look at the chart below and see for yourself:

The red checkmark simply shows which Social Networking site (Facebook or Twitter) Google+ has taken the most from. As you can clearly see, since Facebook is the bigger and more established site, Google+ takes 10 features from Facebook as compared to 7 from twitter. Furthermore, you can see G+ adds a few features that either Facebook doesn’t have, nor Twitter.

Still we’re quite impressed with Google+ and we feel that this is only the start for Google in their third attempt at the social networking scene, and for once they’re doing well (10 million members well), we just hope that they don’t run into various problems like Facebook and Twitter have in the past.

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