Get a sneak peek at 4 new Windows Phone 7 devices

Get a sneak peek at 4 new Windows Phone 7 devices

UPDATE: Microsoft has reached out to WinRumors (who had put up the original video) to request that the video demo of several new Windows Phones be removed. “Our phone OEMs have not approved for these phones to be disclosed on video” said a Microsoft spokesperson. However we still managed to find a video that hasn’t been removed on youtube, so enjoy!

Currently, Microsoft is busy having their WPC 2011 Conference (Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference), and a few interesting tidbits have been thrown up (which you would be aware of if you follow us on twitter during our live presentation and conference tweets), but none more than this sneak peak at 4 new Windows Phone devices coming out predictably this year. In this video, you can see one new phone each from Acer, ZTE, Fujitsu, and more importantly Samsung, where the phone looks like a replica of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (have a look at the video above to get a glimpse of the phones). While we would have hoped for some originality from a large company such as Samsung, the Galaxy S2 is actually one of the best phones we’ve ever used (as the specs are mind blowing), so putting some Windows Phone 7 love on there would be the cherry on the icing. Let’s not forget Nokia will also be joining the party.

Another thing we noted was that the phones seem to have front facing camera’s on them, meaning video chat might just be on the cards for Windows Phone and Mango. Add to that the fact Microsoft just bought Skype, and you might find yourself using Skype video chat on your front facing camera by Christmas 2012. Ok bear with us on this one, but another thing we could also add in is that the recent Skype + Facebook deal where you can Video chat using Skype with your Facebook friends, might JUST make it to your future Windows Phone.

Still keeping up? Good. Then imagine in 2012, where you could be video chatting with your friend who is on Facebook via your Windows Phone device, thanks to Skype. Now thats a future we would kill for (not literally)! Expect the first Mango devices out in September/October. And count us even more excited than ever.

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