Facebook for Every Phone

Today, Facebook rolled out their new Facebook Feature dubbed ‘Facebook for Every Phone’. What it basically means is that all ‘Dumb Phones’ (those that don’t have access to apps and such, but can access the internet) will be able to access and download the Facebook app. Most dumb phone users (sorry, we don’t like the name either but that’s how it is) will usually be able to access Facebook via the link ‘m.facebook.com‘, and now you can go to that site and directly download the app by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the download link, or by typing in ‘d.facebook.com/install‘ directly into your phone’s browser.

Apparently in a large scale move, Facebook for Every Phone will work on over 2500 different devices. So if you have one of those devices, your life has just been made easier thanks to Facebook. Facebook has even partnered up with some carriers around the world to give people free use for 90 days, and the list of those partners is as follows:

•   Aircel (India)

•   Airtel (India)

•   Banglalink (Bangladesh)

•   Beeline (Russia)

•   Celcom (Malaysia)

•   Etisalat (Egypt, Nigeria)

•   Globe (Philippines)

•   Idea (India)

•   Indosat (Indonesia)

•   O2 Telefonica (Germany)

•   Reliance (India)

•   Smart (Philippines)

•   Smartfren (Indonesia)

•   Telkomsel (Indonesia)

•   Three (Indonesia, United Kingdom)

•   TIM (Brazil)

•   TMN (Portugal)

•   Ufone (Pakistan)

•   Vodafone (Turkey)

So have a look at the video below from Facebook to get a better idea of the idea behind the ‘Facebook for Dumb phone app’.

Source: Facebook

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