Broadband speeds from around the world

Broadband speeds from around the world

It’s safe to assume that Australia’s net speeds are fairly low around the world, but until Akamai’s annual State of the Internet report came out, we didn’t realise how poorly we were faring in the Speed Wars (is there even such a thing?) until we saw this report. Clearly the NBN can’t come quick enough. What’s interesting to note is overall, broadband speeds all over the world have improved on average by 23% from last year (to an average of 2.1Mbps), and South Korea clearly dominates us all (as you can see above, the top 3 countries are in Asia).

In terms of countries, we couldn’t get an exact number of how far down the list Australia is, but if we’d have to guess we wouldn’t even be breaking into the top 20. One interesting to note is that in terms of the fastest 100 cities in terms of broadband speeds, 61 Japanese cities dominate that list (and none from Australia obviously). The other 39 cities are American, Korean, or from Hong Kong. One bright spot is the Romanian city of Constanta features in the top 50, which is quite interesting considering many think Romania is generally undeveloped. That ought to make you reconsider.

The list below gives us a better idea of how Australia is doing on the world scale. Our average Net speed is 3.4Mbps around the country with a top of 14.7Mbps, but when you compare it to a country like South Korea, who’s average net speed is 14.4Mbps, with a top of 36.3Mbps, it really slaps the Australian Broadband speeds in the face. And twice. The good news is that 57% of the country has speeds above 2Mbps (an increase from last year) and 16% of the country has speeds above 5Mbps (these numbers should substantially increase once the NBN comes online across the country in the next few years). The sad part however, is how 2.2% of the Australian population are still on dial up modems, getting speeds below 256kbps. Clearly the Government (or Telco’s) need to get a move on and upgrade their systems as soon as possible. This is 2011, we live in Australia – we should have the whole country on Broadband by now.

Still it’s good to see we’re still doing better than our Kiwi neighbors, although not by much.

In terms of the world’s slowest regions for broadband connectivity, Lebannon easily leads the pack, with a staggering 61% of the country still sitting on speeds below 256 kbps. It’s quite sad, and worse is the fact that their Year over Year change is only getting worse. Can only feel for the Lebanese people who aren’t getting their YouTube fixes daily, something we in Australia take for granted. Hopefully their situation there is sorted out soon, and the people can return to normal lives.

One country this writer took personal interest in was India, where I spend close to 2 months a year in. With a population of over 1 billion people it’s not surprising that 35% of the population is still dealing with speeds below 256 kbps, but the bright spot is that their Year over Year change is up 32% (even if their Quarter over Quarter change is marginally improving). I’ve always complained about the slow speeds there, and it looks like Telco’s and the Government are sorting this out, which is great news.

All we can hope for is increased speeds around the world, but crucially for the NBN to get a move on in Australia.

Source: Akamai (zip file)

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