Boeing 787 Dreamliner finally nears launch

Boeing 787 Dreamliner finally nears launch

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is finally nearing launch, nearly 3 years after it was supposed to be released. It officially landed in Japan this week, a few months ahead of its launch in August or September. It will be the most technologically advanced plane to launch yet, with all passengers getting ccess to a power outlet, USB port, iPod connector and touchscreen entertainment (although Emirate’s newest planes already feature most of these options, but not all).

The cool thing will be that passenger windows will not only be bigger, but  electro-chromatic, meaning just like adjustable sunglasses they will dim to sunlight. Hopefully that’ll stop those pesky air hostesses who clearly want to disturb your sat to open your window shade for landing, although it won’t stop them from waking you up to put your seat upright and to store your tray table. The plane also features LED lighting to set the mood for different occasions, like in the pictures you see below (Boarding lighting, Dining lighting, and Sleeping lighting).

Boarding Lighting

Dining Lighting

Sleep Lighting

 The engines have noise reducing material and tipped exhaust covers to reduce cabin noise, and the all-electronically controlled aircraft will pressurise at 6,000 feet instead of 8,000, to help you feel less drained after longer flights. Nippon Airways will be the first to get these when they are finally launched this year, with 55 orders on the line. To get a better understanding, have a look at the fabulous video below.

Source: Gizmodo

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