BlackBerry Playbook Sales Poor, being outsold by Windows 7 Tablets

BlackBerry Playbook Sales Poor, being outsold by Windows 7 Tablets

In news that surely shouldn’t have come as a surprise, yet is still disappointing, sales for the BlackBerry Playbook are doing poorly around the world. Despite having decent specs and features (but still missing plenty) we gave it a pretty good roundup when we compared it against it’s competitors in the earlier part of the year. Unfortunately, it just goes to show that people were unwilling to adopt the Playbook, despite it having all the features of the phones (including BBM – BlackBerry Messenger). Clearly the Android and Apple dominance was too much for the struggling phone company. What’s even more surprising is how Windows 7 tablet’s have a larger market share than the Playbook, despite every single Windows 7 tablet being criticized for not being tablet/touch friendly and slow (although the cheapness of certain models might have helped sell them).

While this isn’t exactly comparing Apples to Apples (maybe that’s a poor analogy, perhaps oranges to oranges?), since RIM BlackBerry is only one company and there are several manufacturers for Windows 7 tablets. The tablet below give you a better idea of the market share per manufacturer/device. QNX is referring to Playbook’s in the table below.

Apple once again dominates the pack with a 61.3% share, but the rapid increase of the Android share is something to look out for in the coming months. And hopefully Microsoft can increase their share once they release their true tablet OS (operating system) – Windows 8. Overall though, it was said that tablet shares increased by 300% from last year. Clearly tablet’s aren’t going anywhere for the time being.

Source: Gizmodo

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