Apple’s next product? The 55-inch OLED Apple TV

Apple’s next product? The 55-inch OLED Apple TV


We all know that Apple is an immensely successful company, and ‘most’ of their products are successful (certainly their latest products) and Apple’s hoping for another hit with their possible upcoming Apple TV. According to reports, Apple are currently attempting to negotiate rights for TV shows to be shown on Apple TV’s, which would point to an Apple TV in the near future, most probably releasing in 2012. The TV is reported to feature a 55-inch OLED Screen, which would surely impress quite a few people. What Apple must surely know is that OLED is an expensive technology, and manufacturing a 55-inch OLED screen will not be cheap, not to mention how expensive it will be to buy (unless Apple has some secret weapon to lower costs).

Reports also state that the Apple TV will feature iOS inside it, much like the current Apple TV box. Of course, in reference to manufacturers, we all know Samsung and Apple are currently locked in an ever growing lawsuit, which means LG will win that contract by default, especially since LG recently stated that they plan to launch an OLED TV late 2012. Whether that reference is to the Apple TV or their own line of OLED TV’s is unknown at this point, but we’ll clarify that once we get more information.

Also we shouldn’t forget that LG (along with Samsung) currently produce the display screens for the iPad 2, so further continuing their partnership doesn’t sound like a bad idea. We’d certainly be interested to see how people would react when having to chose between an Apple TV or a normal HDTV, but late 2012 is still far away, so we’ll have to wait and see if the Apple TV is fact or just fiction.

Source: IGN

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