Apple now has more cash than the US Government

Apple now has more cash than the US Government

So how exactly do you know when a company is really, really big? Well how about having more money than the US Government for starters? Sometimes Capitalism really does have it’s advantages doesn’t it? Apparently for Apple, making more money than most companies (if not all) around the world isn’t enough, they want to have more than Governments now. Isn’t this how that one movie started? You know, that movie with the big businesses running the world? Yea you know the one!

Steve Jobs must really be loving his job right now, and rumors has it he could soon be called the most powerful man in the world! We don’t know whether this is because Apple is just such a good company that it knows how to make money and save at the same time (unlike most of us), or if the US Government is lousy at saving (probably this reason). We’re not talking small money here either, because the US Government still has $73.768 billion, as stated by the U.S Treasury department. If we take a peek into Apple’s reserves, you’ll notice that they have  $75.876 billion sitting in there, waiting to be spent. Our question is this – If Apple has so much money, then why are they ‘still‘ charging us so much money for their deliciously inviting products?!

It’s clear to us that ol’ Scrooge McDuck will soon be having some competition for for the most ridiculous amount of money in his vault. Actually, come to think about it, McDuck only has $44 billion in his vault, while Apple (which Steve Job can literally claim) has a tad over $75 billion. Kind of put’s it in perspective doesn’t it? Do you guys think Steve Jobs goes skiing in his vault on weekends as well? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN

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