34% of iPhone Users Think They Already Have 4G

34% of iPhone Users Think They Already Have 4G

In the most shocking news of the day, a recent survey undertaken by Retrevo has shown that 34% of iPhone owners believe their iPhone’s already have 4G technology. Out of a sample audience of 1,000 users, 29% of Android Owners believed they already own an 4G capable phone (and this might not be too far off since there are a few Android 4G phones on the market), 24%of BlackBerry owners believe theirs did (despite the fact that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the only phone capable of 4G, and it hasn’t been released yet) and the worst were iPhone owners coming in at 34% believing their 3G antenna’s were capable of picking up 4G signals.

This news of course was followed by a mass facepalm across the tech community who could do nothing more.

Further questions by Retrevo yielded some interesting answers in relation to 4G. When asked if they were planning on buying a 4G phone this year, 22% said that they didn’t think 4G performance is worth the cost (it is), and 30% said that they think the data cost was too high (which isn’t probably a lie). Surprisingly, only 19% claimed that they didn’t know enough about 4G which frankly shouldn’t be that hard to believe, especially since 34% of iPhone users already thought they were using 4G Technology.

It seems that despite the decent increase in speed you get from upgrading from 3G to 4G (possibly doubling and even tripling current speeds), iPhone fans clearly couldn’t care less if the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S) had 4G inbuilt, and 40% of iPhone owners would get one anyways (not a big shock there). Only 8% of owners would consider the move to an iPhone if the next version had 4G, which isn’t surprising since Android is a great operating system.

So in summary, people clearly have no idea what 4G even is, so it will be up to carriers to make people aware of the benefits of moving forward with technology in phones. I think we in the tech community have had far too much facepalm’ing today. Please make it stop.

Source: IGN


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