13CABS App comes to Melbourne

13CABS App comes to Melbourne

13CABS is a free Windows Phone 7 app that is solely for those residing (or visiting) Melbourne, Australia. It’s basically a taxi booking app which allows users to book a cab without having wait to get through that massive list of calls ahead of you on a Saturday night, by booking taxi’s based on their location (which we presume the app detects for you using Windows Phones location service). There are of course some great other features such as:

  • Create multiple booking for future dates and times.
  • Use previous locations and maintain a library of favorites for quicker bookings.
  • Where’s my Cab? feature allows users to check the real-time location of their cab.
  • Fare estimator to give you a good indication of how much a particular fare will cost.
  • Ability to sync with their my13Cabs account.

There’s also the ability to Shake the phone to get a cab nearby which has been dubbed ‘Shake to Whistle’ where all a person has to do is open the app, shake your phone and a cab should be alerted to your need for a taxi immediately. This app sounds fantastic, useful, and we still can’t believe it’s free.

The beauty of this is that you should easily be able to beat the queue of people calling in after hitting the town clubbing on a Friday or Saturday night by using this app. Unfortunately the only thing is that it’s only available in the Australian Marketplace, meaning that if you’re just visiting the city, you won’t be able to download it (which annoys us to NO end! We’d appreciate it Microsoft if you would stop messing about with regional settings).

Edit: It seems the app is now available worldwide, not just Australia anymore. Awesome!

Either way, if you’re interested in downloading it, click on the Zune link and enjoy!

Source: WPCentral


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  • Stuart

    I believe it’s now available worldwide not just Australian marketplace.

  • Techin5

    Wow, so it would seem. Thanks for the heads up Stuart