130 Million Android devices exist today

130 Million Android devices exist today

Android is big. Very big. Currently there are over 130 Million Android devices in existence around the world today, and this number only counts the ‘activated’ number of phones. Basically, 130 Million people have bought an Android device since they came into existence. Of course while this number doesn’t necessarily mean 130 million people use an Android device, most probably do and it’s just a great example of how far Google has come with their OS (Operating System). This number relates to all Android devices (tablets, phones, etc..).

According the statistics, over 550,000 Android devices are being activated daily (that’s more than Nokia probably sells monthly in all probability, at the very least till the new Windows Phone OS comes to fruition). Google I/O was only a few months ago, and yet the number’s of total devices has jumped by 30 million, and the daily activation’s are up 150,000 per day. Clearly all those cheap Android phone’s flooding the market these days are gaining popularity. That’s more activation’s than iPhone’s get.

That, and we’re not sure any other manufacturer’s make cheap Smart Phones apart from those with the Android OS, at least till Windows Phone 7’s start getting out on the cheap (and even that is an ‘if’). Currently there are an estimated 200 million Apple devices in existence today, but at this rate it shouldn’t take longer than 1 or at most 2 years before Android easily cut’s past Apple to become the most used brand in the mobile market.

Unfortunately, this does leave their competitors grasping at straws.

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