Windows Phone 7 Games cost a lot more than iOS Games

Windows Phone 7 Games cost a lot more than iOS Games

Well there you have it. That list pretty much sums up the ridiculous prices Windows Phone 7 users get charged, over our iOS (Apple) counterparts. The reason? Xbox live integration, versus Apple’s Games Center integration, which is pretty much like comparing a Porsche to a Ford. However, it still doesn’t feel right to overcharge Windows Phone 7 users by as much as $4 for a game does it?

The list above shows 27 games that can be found on both platforms, the the stats read up to this:

  • 23 Windows Phone games are more expensive than the same game on iOS (from $1 to $3).
  • 4 Windows Phone and iOS games are the exact same price.
  • 0 Windows Phone games are cheaper. Zero.

Frankly we don’t believe that game developers should be charging anywhere close to the 500% mark up on some games that are currently charged, after all lets not forget that most of these games are hardly even new. For developers, to get the same profit margins they do on iOS they have to increase Windows Phone 7 game prices which makes sense, but not at the cost of driving away users to other platforms. This perhaps something Microsoft needs to work on with Developers to improve the chances of the WP platform becoming popular. Yes Xbox Live achievements are great, but are they really worth the cost we currently pay? No.

Your move Microsoft, your move.

Source: Windows Phone Metro
via: WPSauce

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  • Deedee

    I will stick to my iOS devices because I like them and I have already bought a lot of games.

    Windows Phone is not recommended. Windows products are not recommended because the bad history of Windows OS. It will be wise to abandon all Windows products.

  • Techin5

    Agreed that if you already have the games on iOS, you’re not getting anything extra on windows phones (you know, apart from xboxlive points), but saying windows phone cannot be recommended based on history is silly, especially since the latest products from microsoft are generally good (that includes windows 7). Windows phone 7 is frankly quite good. You should base your purchases on the past, but not judge them on the past. Perhaps try out the wp7 platform first.

  • Nikdobc

    True, I think poeple and companies should use computers with linux and distribute aplication and progroams for it but I think it’ll not happen. But we will still use those crap…