Windows 8 Revealed!

Windows 8 Revealed!

Microsoft finally announced the much anticipated ‘new’ Operating System from Microsoft today at the D9 conference, and boy does it look amazing! Very little is known about Windows 8 right now, but at least we have our first screenshots of the future of The Windows Operating System (OS). The screen you see above is actually what Windows 8 will look like when it is released (most likely in 2012, although no word has been given on when), and it very much resembles the Metro UI (User Interface) found on Windows Phone 7. We’re not going to lie, we’re very very excited about the prospect of Windows 8, and we can’t wait to get our grubby little hands on it when ever Microsoft is ready to release it.

As of right now, Windows 8 is just a codename, and Microsoft claim that that won’t be the final name when it’s officially released, but we’re fine calling it Win8 for time time being, but we will welcome a name name with open arms. So as you can see above, Windows 8 works on the ‘live tile’ based System just as Windows Phone 7 does, but with more color, more options and clearly more in-depth thanWindows Phone 7 could ever be.

Just so you aren’t confused, that is what the desktop version will be, not just the tablet version, you’ll be seeing it on both obviously. Now I know quite a few people will hate this, but we feel quite a few people will actually start to love this Interface once they give it time, it’s obviously quite radical and different to anything we’ve ever seen on desktops, but Microsoft needed to change their operating strategy, and this is it.

We’re not quite sure Business Users will warm up to the idea of a tile based UI, since it looks like it was designed for the everyday user, but knowing Microsoft, we’re sure they will be putting quite a few feature’s in it to entice you boring Business folks. Either way, this early build of Win8 already looks quite snappy, and feature’s some cool feature’s already, although we wonder if Push/Toast Notifications will be included in Win8.

As far as things go, this entire OS has been build from scratch, to be extremely touch friendly, and there are some cool features like split screen keyboard, snappy multitasking (the ability to do more than one task at once), the ability to ‘snap’ widgets or applications to the side to work with other programs, but even so, it’s looking light a bright future for Microsoft. Also we noted that with Windows being the most popular Operating System.. ever, that people will likely upgrade to Windows 8 and once they do, more and more people might just start picking up a Windows Phone 7 device. Smart Microsoft, Smart.

Either way, enjoy this demo video below, and tell us how you really feel about Windows changing their look completely.. to look more like.. well – Windows?

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