Will the PSP Vita be region locked?

Will the PSP Vita be region locked?

So now that we know the full specs of the PSP Vita, as well as the pricing, the main question we found ourselves asking (and hoping) was if the PSP Vita would be region unlocked, and now we finally have an answer… kind of.

Michael Denny, Sony’s Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, today confirmed that to the best of his knowledge, the PSP Vita would be unlocked and region free, bringing cheers from people around the world. This move of course brings it up to the PS3 which has always been unlocked, giving the Nintendo 3DS a double whammy for not being unlocked, and they’re both priced similarly.

This is great news for those of you plan to buy games from Japan (some of which never get released outside of the country) or even while abroad and you just want to pick up a game or two (or console or two). While I’ll still be buying my PSP Vita in Australia, I think games might just come from overseas, since we all know games are nearly double the price set in The United States.

For now, we can sit back, and relax knowing Sony just made our say with news like this.

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