The most common web browsers used on the internet today

The most common web browsers used on the internet today

Web Browsers. There are 5 big names in the market today most of us are aware of, and most of us either use (or have) 2 or more installed in our computers. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Safari. So many choices, so many version.

That’s probably why the market today is so scattered with various people having different versions of browsers, and most people not upgrading their version because they don’t know any better, or are comfortable with the version they already have. Which leads me to usage of browsers. The graph below gives us a good estimate of the number of browsers being used on the web today, as of this month, which was compiled by

110617 browser usage

What we can clearly see is that Internet Explorer has the biggest market share, although it is definitely shrinking as other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome continue to chip away at the IE Juggernaut. IE still holds a commanding 43.72% market share, a comfortable 15.15% lead over Firefox, but as we said, the gap is getting closer although it’ll be quite some time before (if ever) Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer. Most computers (PC’s) come installed with Internet Explorer these days, giving them an unfair advantage, but users can easily change their preference.

In terms of Browser Versions, the most popular version on the market today is Internet Explorer 8. Yep, sorry folks, Internet Explorer is the clear front runner on the browser version scene, nearly doubling Firefox 4.0’s lead. The surprising thing here is Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft latest and best browser is still being used less than IE7. Surprising, since Firefox’s latest browser – Firefox 4 came our roughly the same time is IE9. Other things to note, is that there are quite a few beta testers out there, hence why you’ll notice Chrome 13, and Firefox 5 already on the scene.

110617 browser version usage

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Source: Pingdom

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  • Techin5

    Indeed, my first guess was computer illeterate people who didn’t know any better, or people/places that perhaps only gave explorer as an option, like universities or net cafes and such. Either way, I find ie9 to be quite decent, so I suddenly find myself looking forward to ie10!

  • Michael Aulia

    Wow.. I still can’t believe IE is the most used browser :) Maybe it’s those who are not too computer literate (who have IE as the default browser in their Windows system)