Sony’s new Playstation 3D TV

Sony’s new Playstation 3D TV

Sony recently revealed their 3D Playstation TV at the recently concluded Gaming Event E3, and it’s looks mighty enticing if we don’t say so ourselves. Sony’s Playstation 3D TV has a few interesting feature’s which we’ve never really seen in home products, so without further hesitation let’s get into it.

What is 3D?

First of all, you might be wondering what a 3D monitor/TV is. It’s basically like a normal screen except it is capable of playing 3D movies and games in 3D, which seems to be all the rage these days! Basically, it means it can display objects in a movie in 3 dimensions (width, length and depth). 3 dimensional movies and games both work in the same way, except in games you’re more involved in the game, but for the movie you’re just watching it (obviously). For a 3D movie/game the objects or characters presented would be more realistic to the viewer, whereby they feel closer to the spectator, almost as if they’re coming out of the screen.

A normal Television monitor would usually refresh at 59-60 Hz (that’s the measure of the refresh rate for TV’s), 3D monitors refresh at 120-240 Hz, at a much higher refresh rate, to help with the illusion. Basically a normal movie would be in 2D, with width and length; where as 3D movie would also play with depth perception, so that would make it more realistic. To view a 3D movie you are going to need to have 3D glasses for one, as well as having a 3D capable monitor, such as this new Sony Playstation 3D monitor.

Sony Reveals 3D Monitor, Glasses Bundle

What makes this monitor special?

The Playstation TV was created for the sole purpose of gamers, but you might find yourselves asking why. First, it’s designed to look like a big PSP, and that’s cool. Secondly, Have you ever noticed people playing games, sitting around a screen playing the same game, but each has his/her own split screen, on the same monitor (Think Shooter games like Call of Duty)? Well up until E3 there were no 3D capable monitors that could do that, seeing as it was overly complicated to do, as well as expensive (in theory).

However, with this new 24-inch screen from Sony, gamers will be more interested in buying it for the  new split screen featureWhat makes this monitor better than the rest? The key thing about the Playstation 3D TV is what these monitors come with and that’s the special glasses Sony gives out with them, and each Sony 3D glasses are capable of  giving each player his/her own split-screen, as if they were playing on separate TV’s!

3D Glasses by PlayStation

There’s a special button on these glasses that activates this feature and each split screen is capable of displaying its half at 60 frames a second. So the big question is if the glasses work on other screens? Sure, in theory, although they might be hard to find them though, if you can get them separate from the TV (although you won’t be able to get the split screen on the single screen feature).

3D Display by PlayStation: Two-player mode

3D Display by PlayStation: Two-player mode3D Display by PlayStation: Two-player mode

3D Display by PlayStation: Two-player mode

More details, you ask?

For 499 US dollars you can get the monitor, one paid of 3D Glasses, an HDMI cable and a game for the PS3 (most likely to be Resistance 3 when launched). The 3D glasses themselves will cost you 69 US dollars, and the glasses are rechargeable with a USB port. The LED display has a resolution of 1080p (high definition) two HDMI ports, and a mini subwoofer (embedded in the display).

Resistance 3: Doomsday Edition

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