Sony NEX C3 Camera is the official successor to the Sony NEX 3

Sony NEX C3 Camera is the official successor to the Sony NEX 3

A few months back, we reviewed the Sony NEX 5, which is technically a slightly better version of the Sony NEX 3, and we were quite impressed with the camera and how they fit so many feature’s in such a thin body. Well Sony just topped that when they announced the Sony NEX C3 camera, which takes the original Sony NEX 3, and improves it a fair bit.

The most amazing part is that the C3 is actually thinner than its predecessor, and bumps up the megapixel quality from 14.2MP to 16.2MP, with an APS CMOS sensor which allows it to capture 720p (High Def) videos, which is the same as the NEX 3, just with better technology. The Camera alone also weighs just 225 grams which is amazingly light when you think that the Sony NEX 5 was 410 grams when we weighed it during our review. Sony also claims they have improved the battery life by 20% over the NEX 3 and NEX 5 models, which is a welcome feature as we found the battery didn’t exactly last as long as we would have hoped.

The C3 follows suit by including the usual 3 inch LCD Screen which is also tilt-able, plus 3D Sweep Panorama. The camera will be available for $849 with a single lens or $999 with a twin lens kit when it goes on sale in July in the United States. More news when we get it.

Source: Gizmodo

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