Skype for iPad outed in new Video

Skype for iPad outed in new Video

Those of you who own iPad’s (and we know there are millions of you, including us) will have noticed that the current Skype iPad app is lame. It’s basically the iPhone version of skype, so it looks terrible when scaled up, and the features are pretty bare. So you’ll excuse your excitement when we found out that the iPad was getting a designated Skype app, because the truth of the matter is, is that we’ve been waiting for this App for well over a year now. Now do note that this is only a promotional video (below) and we’re not not certain if this is what the final app will actually look like this, but for now it looks quite good.

You should note that the iPad app will have all the features carried over from the iPhone app version, sans the terrible look. Unfortunately, according to Skype’s Rick Osterloh, the iPad app wont feature desktop features such as file sharing, which is a bummer, but least we still have Dropbox for that. Unfortunately no release date has been given as of now, but with the promotional video done, it shouldn’t be long now for at least the beta version to make it out to developers.

So have a look at the promotional video below (minus sound as it was ripped from online before it was pulled).

Source: Engadget

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