PSP NGP officially becomes PSP Vita

PSP NGP officially becomes PSP Vita


So after months of speculation, the Sony PSP NGP will finally be known as PSP Vita. We took a good look at the PSP Vita when it was first announced, and you can see that article here. While the specs may not have changed, we now have a name and finally, pricing!

In Latin (a language which no one except historians and other people we know not of speak), Vita means Life. The PSP Life. Well we suppose that’s only fitting if they want to dethrone the current king of portable hardware sales – the Nintendo DS. They’re planning to do this by ushering in new life to a system that’s frankly mind blowingly powerful and packed with features.

The best part is that the pricing is actually decent!

The Wi-Fi only Model will run you 24,980 Yen (including tax), which is $249 or 249 Euro, s

o the pricing seems pretty generic so far across the board. Remember this is the exact same price as the Nintendo 3DS, and you’re getting plenty more features.

The 3G/Wi-Fi Model should run you an extra 5000 Yen ($50 or 50 Euro) for the added 3G.

So all in all decent pricing, although we fully expect the Aussie cheapest version to run closer to $350, as is the norm with overcharging everything foreign. Still, we’re quite excited about the PSVita, and it’s expected to be released before holidays 2011. Mark your calendars!

Meanwhile, have a look at this video of the unveiling at E3 via IGN, as well as some Game Play.

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