Microsoft and Mad Catz announces new Xbox 360 Headset

Microsoft and Mad Catz announces new Xbox 360 Headset

When Sony announced their new PS3 Headset earlier this week, we wondered how Microsoft would respond to such a gorgeous looking device. Well.. the hit back with the brand spanking new Mad Catz’ Warhead 7.1. Well played Microsoft, well played. While these may not be as gorgeous as the Sony one’s, they most certainly look good, and to top it off, they will be much more powerful than its Sony brethren. Those of you confused as to why the Mad Catz’ Logo isn’t on the headsets, well it’s because Mad Catz’ aquired Tritton some time last year, to head their sound division.

So let’s break down the specs shall we? Just like the PS3 version, this 360 headset is both wireless and they both feature Dolby 7.1 surround sound packed into those little sets. Where does it differ? Well thanks to that box which you see in between the earpieces, that base station connects to your Xbox 360 and it is able to shoot out sound to 4 different headsets at once. Not good enough for you? Well the Mad Catz Warhead connects to the 5.8GHz bandwidth to be able to bring you unrivaled sound quality (Most mobile devices connect to the 2.5GHz). Of course you’ll get the usual Xbox live in-game chat and on-screen battery readouts, and as well as a secondary battery back in the warhead base so you can swap out one for the other and continue fragging those noobs away.

So what does such a powerful punch packing device like this cost? Just south of $300, and it should be available before the end of year holidays. Mind you, that means you have a big decision to buy the Sony PS3 one’s which cost $100, or these powerful behemoths, depending on the console you have. Or like us if you have both, we’ll probably end up buying both.

Source: IGN

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