KinectShop Concept will change online shopping forever

KinectShop Concept will change online shopping forever

Once again, the Xbox Kinect has shown how useful it is by being a concept which will let you try on clothes and accessories before you buy them, from the comfort of your home and then being able to purchase them, with the simple action of waving your hands around like a real wizard (or witch). No, we’re not talking about Harry Potter here, but rather The KinectShop Concept where you can think of it as Virtual Reality Shopping, something geeks and fashion trendy people have been dreaming of for years.

Razorfish who actually have produced this concept are working on a way where the Kinect will actually ‘wrap’¬†clothes around your frame and thereby provide a 3D preview on how you would look in that potentially $400 Armani jacket before you purchase it from online. Now obviously as this is an early technology, we did notice (quite clearly) that the actual ‘product’ isn’t quite as realistic as you would want it, and we don’t see how clothes will wrap around you if bags look unrealistic and 2D. But like mentioned, its a very early tech, and in time we can actually see ourselves trying out clothes from the comfort of our 50″ TV’s.

The video below reveals a few ladies trying out handbag options and how they would look with them, from the monitor setup’s they have, but Razorfish have bigger ideas, and obviously as technology advances, so will KinectShop. Either way, it’s a good start and we look forward to trying out the actual product from our own homes, albeit with more many accessories.

KinectShop from Razorfish – Emerging Experiences on Vimeo.

Source: Fast Company

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