HTC Sensation to be a Telstra Exclusive

HTC Sensation to be a Telstra Exclusive

The HTC Sensation is expected to be HTC’s flagship device for 2011, and as we found out in our preview, it’s on heck of a device. The good news for Australians is that this device will actually be coming to your local Telstra store from next month, only 2 months later than our European friends who have been rocking the Sensation since May.

Of course, the HTC Sensation will be going right up against Samsung’s 2011 flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S 2, which we also had a good look at a few months ago. So what better way to compare the two devices than by putting out a quick table to compare the specs, which Gizmodo made.

A quick look shows that the screen resolution of the Sensation will be greater than that of the S2, and both will have the same Android Operating System. Both feature roughly the same stats all the way through, with the exception of the S2 being able to hold a total of 48GB of storage, while the Sensation would only be able to handle 33GB. As well as that, it seems the Galaxy S 2 will my considerable lighter and thinner. As for screens, we would probably say that Super Amoled Plus is marginally better than a qHD screen in terms of quality there.

Apart from that you’re looking at roughly the same specs, both with Android (but different layouts on the phone).  Unfortunately no pricing has been confirmed, but since July is right around the corner, you can expect the information to be announced soon. You can also head over to Telstra to register your interest now.

Source: Gizmodo

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