Good News! Barrack Obama to tweet his own tweets now

Good News! Barrack Obama to tweet his own tweets now

Fellow Americans and Citizens of the World! Today marks a new day, where Barrack Obama will start to (occasionally) tweet his own tweets! Yep, this is due to the fact his reelection campaign is around the corner, and what better way to start of his campaign with his Publicity group informing us that Obama will start to tweet again, something he hasn’t done since his Presidential Campaign started 4 years ago.

Sorry to disappoint those who actually think he has been tweeting this whole time on twitter, but you’ll soon be able to put that disappointment off to the side when you notice him tweeting. Course, the one way to know if it’s him or a publicist (according to his PR group anyways) is that all Barrack Obama Tweets will be signed with ‘-BO’, leaving you in no doubt who it is when the tweets occur. It’s a shame really because we would have wanted him to sign off with ‘-Prez’ or ‘-BObama’. Alas, we guess not but we can definitely guess what his first Tweet since his.. er.. last tweet will be.

Tweet Ideas:
‘Booyah.. I’m the Prez who finally got Bin Laden! -BO’

‘Prez inda house! -BO’

or maybe: ‘LOL, Bin Laden should never have checked into 4Square. -BO’

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