Firefox 5 release date confirmed

Firefox 5 release date confirmed

Firefox 4 has to be one of the best, not to mention popular, Internet Browsers available on the market today, and our weekly writer Khalid was quite impressed with it when he did a quick review on it some months back, which you can see here. Now it seems that the release date for Firefox 5 has been confirmed, and it’s actually slightly earlier than expected.

June 21st is the day, so mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen, that’s only 2 days away as well so you can be sure the waiting won’t be hard. Of course, the new edition brings a few goodies such as support for CSS animation, as well as an easier to access ‘do-not-track’ settings which will be available at the top of the privacy pane. Of course looks wise, it should remain very much the same, after all it looks good already. The final build is already out, and it shouldn’t change from the final version released in 2 days, but some may play is safe and prefer to wait for the official release.

For everyone else, head on down to the links to start downloading Firefox 5.

Source: Mozilla (Windows), (Linux), (Mac)

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