Anubis.FM – An Australian Music Streaming Service

Anubis.FM – An Australian Music Streaming Service

Australian’s are fairly restricted with regards to the type of Music content they can access, due to copyright laws, legal issues, and other problems that restrict us from enjoying the type of premium content that our friends in The United States and Europe enjoy. Basically the only option that the majority of Australian’s are aware of is iTunes, and that’s hardly a ‘streaming’ service, more of a pay and use song method.

Well fellow Australians, thats where we find ourselves looking at Anubis.FM, and online streaming service where you can have access to over 4 million tracks at your fingertip to stream as you please. Anubis is a greek name, coined for an Egyptian God with the head of a Jackal (a dog), and the body of a human, much of which I learnt about during my recent trip to Egypt. Anubis is best known as the god of mummification and the afterlife, which makes sense considering that the Music business is dying business, and Anubis.FM waits for them in the afterlife. That or it’s just a very cool sounding name, we’re not sure but it works for us both ways!

Currently Anubis.FM is available in Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico, and for a low fee of $12.99 per month, you can access over the internet from your PC, or from your Sonos Music System (more on this soon). You can also download tracks which you want to do more with than just stream, for a low price where tracks range from $0.40 to $2.20, but most of them I came across were under $1, coming across quite cheap in the long run, and all your tracks purchased will be DRM-Free (meaning you can transfer them to any device), and the quality will usually be 256kbps or 320kbps (exactly what you would get from iTunes). If you want to just try the Anubis.FM membership out, then sign up for the 30 day trial, and give it a god spin around before you decide to pony up for the Premium Membership.

The only problem with this service, is that you require a Sonos Music System setup (we’ll have a review on this soon), and that’s not the cheapest setup to have in the world. However, the music from Anubis.FM starts up ridiculously quick, despite the fact you are streaming it from the internet, and not your computer and the sounds quality is top notch even while playing the tracks on full blast (much to the annoyance of the neighbors). Unfortunately, without the purchase of the Sonos Music Setup, we feel many Australians will never hear about this great service, or get to use it due to obvious reasons, but should Anubis.FM feel the need to open up their great service to more streaming methods, they can really take off.

Now I can only compare Anubis.FM to the other streaming service I use – The Zune Pass. Now while Zune isn’t available in Australia, this simple guide should let you pick this up. Zune Pass Costs $14.99/month and you can actually play all the songs they have in their collection with unlimited downloads, and the ability to keep 10 of those songs permanently per month (the other songs will stay in your database as long as you keep purchasing the Zune Pass). Now while it’s not quite as good as Zune, Anubis.FM keeps music in a nice and easy to understand format, and makes it easy for anyone to find. It’s also cheaper than Zune (although you can’t keep any songs) and its far quicker. Best of all, Anubis.FM is Australia, so we should support our fellow Australian businesses.

The best thing about their website is the Pre-made Channels which allow you to pick a channel (ie: Rock, Electro, Pop), and it will start streaming songs from that Genre of Music, and you can always mix and match from there. One feature we found cool (and it’s very similar to Zune), is that when you click and Artist, you don’t only get their songs, but you also get their Other Albums, Related Music, Bio, News about the artist, photos as well as videos, just like you would find on Zune, but we feel this is much easier and quicker to navigate through.

Techin5 Review Score
$12.99 per month might seem like a lot, but let's face it - most of us spend that or more on iTunes purchasing music, and how often do we listen to those songs if we have over 5,000 songs in our library? Therefore it makes sense to pick up this streaming service for that price, and it's great for use at parties.
Ease of
The website is extremely easy to use, and we found ourselves going back often to check up on what Anubis.FM top songs are, just to add to our own playlist so we can continue streaming those songs. Artist page's are quite useful, and we found ourselves always looking at familiar artists just to find more music that we might like
It's a streaming service, that only streams to the Sonos Music System, but it's well packed with Artist Pictures, Videos, Bio's, Pre-Made Genre Channels, and features over 4 million tracks
Fast to stream, and music tracks sounds good, without distortion or loss of sound. Once you've added the music to your playlist, they'll start playing right away
Anubis.FM is probably one of the better streaming services we have tried in Australia, and that's even when comparing it to the Zune service. While it's not quite advanced as Zune, or even as good, it holds it's own against the American Giant Streaming Service and our rating of 8.5 clearly shows we came away impressed with The Anubis.FM service as a whole. The obvious drawbacks are that they are only limited to Sonos S5 system, and there isn't a dedicated mobile App ready to test out the streaming service from a mobile device. Still, if you're an Australian looking for something like this, we suggest you sign up right away, and we promise you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

Link – Anubis.FM

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