Windows Phone Marketplace reaches 20,000 Apps!

Windows Phone Marketplace reaches 20,000 Apps!

Well that didn’t take long at all did it? The Windows Phone Marketplace has finally reached the Milestone of 20,000 apps, and it did it in 7 months, which is faster than both Android and Apple to reach the same milestone. Now granted the Windows Phone marketplace still has miles to go before it catches up to the 200,000 app count set by those two app stores, it’s definitely on the right track! To put it in perspective, The Windows Phone Marketplace hit 5,000 apps on March 12, and in just over 2 months they have doubled their App count (in simple maths, thats roughly 125 apps added per day on average!).

Now granted there have obviously been some poorer than expected low-quality Apps available in the store that have only been created by developers to possibly boost the numbers, you could say the same for the Apple Store and Android Market (4,000 different Fart Apps anyone?). Still, at least Windows Phone Marketplace still holds the record for the fastest to 20,000 apps, and there’s no denying there are most certainly some Amazing Apps in there.

Of course, with the next update of Windows Phone, called Mango, and the recently released developer tools for Mango, we can expect the rate of Apps to pickup substantially, and by the end of 2011 we should expect to see a good 50,000 Apps in the Marketplace which is quite amazing! Hopefully we can see a decrease in App prices sooner than later though (although admittedly it does help that 48% of the Apps are free)? Paying $4.99 per game isn’t the cheapest activity in the world.

Source: WP7applist
via: Pocketnow

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