Windows Phone 7 themed Music Player comes to Android

Windows Phone 7 themed Music Player comes to Android

Update: Check out Version 1.0 (non-beta) of UberMusic (previously called fedemusic) – UberMusic

So we recently discovered a Windows Phone 7 themed (or Styled) Android Music Player via Engadget, and I decided to test it out and compare it to the actual Windows Phone 7 Zune Music Player. The actual App is called FedeMusic (Alpha Name we presume), and it’s made by Federico Carnales, the same guy who created LauncherPro for Android, easily one of our favorite Launcher Screens for Android. Windows phone 7’s use the Metro UI (User interface) and any Android user who has wanted this on their Android Phones without picking up a Windows Phone 7 will be quite happy at this Music Player. Despite it being only in Alpha Stage (means it’s before Beta version, which is before the full version), it looks and behaves exactly like the Windows phone 7 version does, and it even does some things faster than the WP7 version. The only thing missing is Zune Integration, but everything (even artist backgrounds) is available otherwise, which frankly is quite amazing.

It’s obvious that the Metro UI Windows Phone 7 uses is envied amongst all phone users (Android and Apple users are no exception), so we’re not surprised that it finally made it’s way to Android. We suppose the only big party missing now is Apple, then you know the Metro UI is popular. Of course, if you really do want Zune integration on the FedeMusic App, you might as well just buy a Windows Phone device. Have a look at the picture’s and Video below to see for yourself. If you are interested in getting it for the phone, just head down to the source link, or ask away in the comments on how to get it installed on your Android Device.

These pictures were taken on a Samsung Omnia 7 (on the left), and a Motorola Milestone (which has been overclocked from 550MHz to 1000MHz to have a fair speed comparison between the two on the right).

So what exactly is different?

  • The Artist Background pictures are different.
  • In the FedeMusic version, the album page shows a background where the WP7 version doesn’t.
  • As usual, Android shows the menu bar at the top of the phone.
  • The FedeMusic version actually picks up Artist backgrounds which Zune doesn’t have yet (aka The Lupe Fiasco Picture), although for some strange reason the Album picture in this one is different, even though both are the same source.

That being said, have a look at the video below to get a better idea of the differences. Let’s just say this is going to be my default music player on Android from now on, it’s much snappier and fun to look at than the default Android Music Player.

Source: @fedecarnales

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  • Valentina Velocci

    I’ve a samsung omnia 7 but not every of the songs on my phone have a related background…How can i do to put it there?