White iPhone 4 arrives, packing weight (EDIT: Wrong)

White iPhone 4 arrives, packing weight (EDIT: Wrong)

Now granted the wait for the ever elusive White iPhone 4 is now just about over, there arises another issue from this. Namely, that the White model is actually thicker than the normal black model! Now some of you might not see this as a problem, after all what’s the big deal right? Wrong. This slightly increase in size could mean that all those iPhone 4 cases out there that are ‘supposed’ to fit your iPhone snugly have just become useless, since now the size proportions are a little ‘off’. While this might not be such a big issue to you as a user (unless you’ve totally been eying up that Marc Jacobs iPhone 4 case), but for iPhone case makers, they might be ultimately faced with making the exact same case to ‘fit’ the White model.

Of course, all this is dependent on 2 things. 1: If people actually purchase the white model, and 2: if people actually want cases for their white iPhone’s. We think the slightly thicker frame might be there to actually fix the antenna-gate issue, and if so I think a slight increase in size (which is BARELY noticeable) is actually preferable to having to put that stupid plastic case on your iPhone 4.

Source: Macrumours

EDIT: So it turns out that pictures can lie, and that there actually isn’t that much of a difference between the White and Black models at all!

Black iPhone and White iPhone in calipers

This photo from Online Tech Blog Wired shows that they are actually quite similar in size (both are 0.37 inches), and if you measure them more accurately, you’ll notice that the white iPhone is only 0.2mm thicker than the other, which frankly won’t make much of a difference at all in terms of cases.

So there you have it folks, you can put those fears to rest full well knowing that what you read on the internet about the thickness is just plain rubbish. Thickness-gate over.

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