What’s new from Google?

What’s new from Google?

For those of you who weren’t aware, Google just finished their Google I/O event where they displayed the latest Google products and goodies to be launched in the next few weeks to months. Google presented some interesting products and software, and we’ll be interested to see how some of their newer services works. Let’s break down the latest products coming out of Google, and we’ll also put down the likely hood of it ever reaching Australia.

Music By Google

So as expected, Music by Google was announced, a feature most people were expecting ever since picture’s of Android phones being able to use a certain hack to get the feature came out. It works on a Cloud based system where you can upload up to 20,000 songs, and play them on any computer web browser as well as any Android device’s music player. Unfortunately each song does have to be uploaded to Google Music (the one’s you want) and this means if you have any pirated songs, Google will be checking so you might not want this feature. So what you get, is rather than iTunes or Zune, you have a web based music player. Right now it’s USA based only, and it’s still in beta stage, but we don’t see this being a US only product, and they’ll want to compete with the big names and go global soon enough. If Apple can do it, so can Google.

Chance of Coming to Australia – 9/10

Android 3.1

Google also announced their latest Operating System, and they named it ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’. Despite the silly name, Android 3.1 will be coming to both tablets and phones, and for for Google TV as well, which is a change. There are some nice new feature’s coming in as well, and the list includes:

  • Expanding, and re-sizable widgets (we’re thankful for this one)
  • Android devices can be USB hosts (this basically is a cool feature where you can hook up mice, keyboards and best of all, game controllers like ps3 or xbox 360 controller).
  • The camera will have face detection technology like on computers (so the front facing camera will focus on the speaker if there are multiple people on the call).

Android 3.1 is expected to be released in Q4 of 2011.

Chance of Coming to Australia – 10/10 (though expect it to be released a bit later in Australia compared to USA)

Google Movie Renting

Basically the same concept of any normal movie rental service, but from Google (which also owns YouTube). More on this soon.

Chance of Coming to Australia – Lol….

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