Were PSN Logins Exploited Again?

Were PSN Logins Exploited Again?


Poor Sony just can’t catch a break. First the PSN get’s hacked, and then once they bring it back online Sony are forced to shut down their website (where you can login with your PSN, Playstation Network, username) because of a potential and very real flaw discovered on their site. Originally, to log in, if you had actually forgotten your password, was a simple method to change your password. The method involved giving your email address and your birth of date. The problem? Those hackers who left offline for a delightful 24 days know your email AND your birth of date, potentially being able to get your NEW passwords again. Yea, Sony let the ball drop on that one. Thankfully Sony have taken down their website’s (without affecting your PSN time) as soon as they realised the issue.

The Question here, is how many new accounts were taken advantage of? And by new accounts we mean those who have changed their passwords since the PSN came back online. That’s not a question we can answer but we would seriously hope you change your passwords once again, just to be on the safe side. Obviously Sony taking down their site means that new security measure’s will be in place, but this was a poor effort by Sony to try and fix a problem, hopefully the issue will be settled now. The question still remains though, what damage has been in the 3 days since the PSN came back online? Hopefully none, but we can’t be too sure.

Oh, and just if you are wondering – No! The PSN was not hacked again, not exactly.

Source: Nylevia

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