Watch the Windows Phone Mango Event Live Online

Watch the Windows Phone Mango Event Live Online

For those of you who are in the know, you would know that the next Windows Phone Update (Codenamed Mango aka Windows Phone 7.1) is expected to bring lots and lots and lots of new features. It’s also supposed to bring a range of new Windows Phone Devices, and rumor has it that Mango is expected to have around 500 new features. With all that in mind, you can be sure the event it going to be big, and we’re expecting some ‘BIG’ things to come from this event, which will hopefully start drawing more people towards the Windows Phone platform. For those of you who do want to watch it live, you can watch it live directly from Microsoft’s News Center (link in the source) and enjoy the Mango goodness that will be expected to come out of this event.

We’ll also be live tweeting from the event via our twitter account – @techin5 So we’ll be doing the same thing we did at the 2011 Panasonic Home Entertainment Launch with the tweets, so you can follow us on twitter as well if you want the quick picture.

For those who will be watching it live, or reading our tweets, the timings are as follows:

04:00 – Hawaii
07:00 – Pacific
08:00 – Mountain
09:00 – Central
10:00 – Eastern
15:00 – London
16:00 – Paris
18:00 – Moscow
22:00 – Perth
22:00 – Shenzhen
23:00 – Tokyo
00:00 – Sydney (May 25th)

Source: Microsoft News Center

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