Vodafone New Zealand fakes stolen Xperia Play Cargo for Publicity

Vodafone New Zealand fakes stolen Xperia Play Cargo for Publicity

In what has to be one of the silliest thing a company can do, Vodafone NZ (New Zealand) claimed that their entire shipment of Xperia Play phones for New Zealand was stolen a few days back. Obviously it was a big deal if an entire countries supply of shipment was stolen and hence they had to delay the launch of the anticipated Xperia Play. Soon it was discovered to be a fake, not the least of which they released what they claimed was actual footage of the robbery (which they wouldn’t release to the public and ask them if they could help them).

Have a look at the footage yourselves:

The footage not only is terribly made to ‘look’ like it was taken from a security feed, but it doesn’t include a date, a time stamp, and the video feature’s very high frame rates for a video that is supposedly low on quality. The video screams ‘blatant lie’ twice… and then some. Clearly this is Vodafone NZ’s marketing scheme to try and drum up some interest in the phone which while anticipated, doesnt’ quite have the quality games necessary to make it a big hit at this point. Then again, according to the video one man stole the entire stock for the store, and country. Yea.

Earlier today however, one of the Vodafone NZ spokesmen admitted to ‘The Australia’ that the cargo wasn’t stolen, but in fact it was a marketing ploy, which is something we had suspected but we weren’t exactly sure of. The good news is that it has managed to drum up some publicity for Vodafone NZ. But the Bad news is that it’s negative publicity and we’re not sure if this stunt will actually convince anyone to purchase the phone now, but quite the opposite. Either way.. publicity is publicity, but next time get a better Marketing team Voda.

Source: The Australian

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