Vodafone Australia upgrades Prepaid Plans

Vodafone Australia upgrades Prepaid Plans

Vodafone AU (Australia) have just updated their prepaid plans making it one of the best prepaid plans in the country on any carrier, which is quite good in our opinion. Calling it the¬†Vodafone All-Time plan, Vodafone are offering plans which include unlimited calls to any Vodafone or 3 customers, as well as unlimited texts and unlimited access to social networks. What’s great about this plan is that its actually Prepaid, so you’re not locked into any contract and you can pay as you want (although we suspect all call credit will expire at the end of each month).

The New Pricing Plan is offered in either $35 or $55 recharge value, with the $55 plan offering unlimited calls to all standard Australian numbers (Mobile Phones) and it also includes 1GB of data, while the $35 recharge value only gets you free calls between the hours of 7pm and 7am and it only includes 250MB of data.

If you ask us, the $35 recharge value is only good during weekends when you can call and text away till your heart desires, but if you’re an early sleeper it doesn’t make sense to go down this path (unless of course you know lots of people on either Vodafone or 3).

As for the $55 plan, it’s quite good, but if you’ve got your heart set on Vodafone and not any other carrier, it would probably be better to take on the $45 Infinite Plan from Vodafone (no contract if you have your own phone), which gets you the same unlimited texts and calls, but it’s cheaper (a saving of $120 during the year), plus you get free unlimited texts to international numbers. Either way. we’ve broken it down for you and the option is yours!

Now if only Vodafone can fix their reliability and call issues, I’ll switch them them in a heartbeat.

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