Village Cinemas now sends movie tickets to your phone

Village Cinemas now sends movie tickets to your phone

If you’re someone who uses their phone a lot, and also happens to go to Village Cinemas to watch movies regularly, you can thank Village Cinemas for making your life a little simpler. Even though you can buy movie tickets online, you still have to physically go there and wait in line at the counters to be able to pick up your ticket, which makes the process slightly redundant in our eyes since you can print your movie tickets from home in other countries.

Thanks to Village Cinemas new mobile friendly site, you can buy your movie tickets straight from your phone, and have them send you your tickets in the form of a QR Code (see picture to left). Once you’ve got it, all you need is to get it scanned as you enter the cinema, which makes life quicker and easier. The best part is that since its a Mobile Site, it will work on any phone that can get onto the internet, so no Apple only apps here.

There is one drawback with this feature though, where once you purchase your movie tickets, the system will automatically allocate seats for you so if you have certain seating preferences and the cinema is full, you’re not going to have much of a choice which kind of sucks.

You can access the site today at



Source: Lifehacker

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