The Panasonic 2011 Home Entertainment Launch

The Panasonic 2011 Home Entertainment Launch

So if you weren’t aware, we were invited to the Panasonic 2011 Home Entertainment Launch yesterday, and we managed to grab a few good picture’s that should interest our readers. The theme of the event was 3D so as you can expect, the event revolved around 3D products, which you would have known if you followed out live tweets last night.

Overall it was a decent event, and we ended up having a fair amount of fun. Obviously as Head Editor I was the only member of my team invited, so I’ll share some of my experiences, which started with going to the even on a day which had horrible weather. It was 7 degrees during the day, which included heavy rain, hail, and 10 seconds on sunlight. I still got there safely, and was greeted with an early reception at the Melbourne Central Hoyts Directors Suite Room. Free drinks and free cocktail food was flowing throughout the reception which was great, and I was able to meet other great Tech Enthusiasts as well, which is always fun. Soon after we directed to one of the cinema’s where we watched a 1 hour presentation all presented in 3D, about the new Panasonic Products being released this year, and it was good to see them go through each big launch product, even if their Speakers were a little dry.

After the presentation we were directed to the Product Launch Center, where more drinks and food was flowing, but more importantly drinks.. er I mean where the actual products were. So we took a few pictures of the products, and got a hands on feel with them.

Neo Plasma VT30


This is apparently going to be Panasonic’s flagship TV for 3D TV’s, meaning Panasonic still believe that Plasma technology is the best, despite the fact it is dying in the industry. It’ll be available in July, in 50″, and August for the 55″ and 65″ TV’s. Avatar 3D was playing in Blu-ray and I found it quite impressive, although it’s still not at the IMAX 3D standards, but give it time and it will be there. I found the quality crisp and clear, and wouldn’t have known it was Plasma Technology if I wasn’t told about it. Attached was Panasonic’s new  Blu-ray player, which we believe also acts as a wireless Blu-ray recorder, but we were unable to confirm at the time. Also on display was their smaller 3D TV. Have a look at the following TV models and prices in Australia coming out soon, all 26 of them to be precise (Prices courtesy of Gizmodo). Panasonic were also quite excited about the prospect of having Skype on their TV’s being a major feature, but since Microsoft now owns Skype, we’re not sure how that’s going to play out in the Microskype era.

TH-P65VT30A – August, Price TBC
TH-P55VT30A – August, Price TBC
TH-P50VT30A – July, Price TBC
TH-P55GT30A – June, Price $3,299
TH-P50GT30A – June, Price $2,699
TH-P46GT30A – June, Price $2,399
TH-P42GT30A – June, Price $1,949
TH-P65ST30A – August, Price TBC
TH-P60ST30A – August, Price TBC
TH-P55ST30A – May, Price $2,599
TH-P50ST30A – May, Price $1,999
TH-P42ST30A – May, Price $1,599
TH-P50U30A – May, Price $1,399
TH-P42U30A – May, Price $1,099
TH-P50X30A – May, Price $1,049
TH-P42X30A – May, Price $849

TH-L37DT30A – June, Price $1,799
TH-L32DT30A – June, Price $1,499
TH-L42E30A – May, Price $1,449
TH-L32E30A – May, Price $1,099
TH-L42E3A – May, Price $1,199
TH-L32E3A – May, Price $899
TH-L42U30A – June, Price $999
TH-L32U30A – June, Price $749
TH-L32X30A – May, Price $799
TH-L32C30A – May, Price $599


Also in attendance were Panasonic’s new 3D and tough camera’s, which was great. We played around with each model and had a cood feel for the build quality, and the tech specs, although we were not able to test each model out.

Lumix DMC-TZ20

The TZ10 was one of Panasonic Lumix’s most popular camera’s, and when I tested it out last year I was quite impressed. Now Lumix have followed it up with the TZ20, and while the changes are not radical, there is a slight bump in specs. This model features an ultra wide lens with 16x Optical Zoom, which is quite impressive. It apparently features their new ‘smart zoom’ where it is able to zoom in 16x without major loss of quality. When I tested it I was quite impressed with the zoom, and while the quality isn’t exactly at the DSLR, it’s impressive for a compact camera. Other features include 14.1 mega-pixels, Full HD (High Definition) (1080i only unfortunately) recording, built in GPS that seamlessly records the location of where you took the picture, 3″ LCD touchscreen, and 3D photo mode (which takes 2 3D shots when you pan the camera). Priced at $599.

HDC-SD40 Camcorder

The SD40 Camcorder was the only designated mini Camcorder on show at the event. Panasonic boast this is the worlds lightest Full HD Camcorder (because it does record High Definition videos at 1920 x 1080(p)), and it wights in at 169 grams. It definitely was very light to us, but we came away unimpressed at the build quality of the camcorder. It felt slightly cheap, but I suppose to make it light they had to get lighter quality materials. Still we personally  didn’t enjoy the build quality, and we felt Panasonic could have done it differently, but I guess they wanted light. Features include a long battery life, Power O.I.S (Optical Image Stabiliser) which helps stabalise videos, IA which is their Intellegent Auto with facial recognition. Priced at $499.

Lumix DMC-FT3

The Lumix FT3 is Panasonic Lumix’s latest ‘tough and rugged compact camera’. It’s meant to be extremely durable, and it’s supposed to be 12m Waterproof, 2m Shockproof, Dustproof, and 10 Celcius Frostproof. It’s obviously meant to endure the outdoors, and it’s aimed at those who like camping and things like that. Is it durable? Well one of the attendees decided to test it out by “accidentaly” dropping it, from a height of 180cm, and we’re happy to say it managed to work perfectly despite the drop (even if it was onto the carpet). Also for you outdoorsy types, the camera also includes GPS Tracking (like the Lumix TZ20), and it also comes with an Altimeter, Compass and Barometer! It also does 108oi HD video recording, and like the Lumix TZ20 it has the same 3D Photo mode. Valued at $599.

Lumix DMC-GF2

The GF2 Micro Series Camera is Lumix’s new interchangeable lens mine DSLR, which is also the second smallest in the world, right after the Sony NEX 5. It feature’s some nice upgrades over the previous model, and the specs include: A Touch-Screen for easier operations on the camera, Full HD video for high quality (seems the usual with all Panasonic Camera’s), and this model also features Viera Link Networking (which means you can connect it to a Panasonic Viera TV easily), as well as 3D shooting compatibility. This particular model will be priced at $999.

HDC-SD900 CamCorder

The SD900 was the premier Camcorder being released by Panasonic, and it was probably one of their better products we felt. The Camera itself doesn’t take 3D video’s, but once you attach the 3D Lens (valued at $499) then you are able to take full 3D videos thanks to the actual camcorder being 3D ready. It records the 3D videos on Full HD, 1920 x 1080 quality, as well as 50 FPS (Frames Per Second). The camera is capable of 20x Intellegent Zoom, and is features a wide-angle lens as well. There are other feature’s as well, but we won’t get into that, but rather I’d say the 3D quality is quite good on the actual Camera, which is something you would hope for considering the Camera is their most expensive. Is it worth the $1,499 price tag? We can’t say without fully testing it, but we think the price point is a little high.

The After Event

After the event, a few of us decided to head out for a hot chocolate or two at San Churro’s. The even did finish at 9pm, so it was a little early to be heading home despite it being a Wednesday night. Of course, as usual the ambiance in San Churro’s is always great, and on a cold day nothing is better than a hot drink and a warm room.

I’m not going to start a debate about whether Max Brenner’s or San Churro’s makes better drinks, but I certainly did enjoy my Spanish Hot Chocolate. Of course as I mentioned before I met some fun people as well, and the four of us had an entertaining time before we finally decided to call it a night since 1.San Churro’s was closing, and 2. Two of them had a flight back to Perth the next day, and early too. And yes, I am in the picture below as well!

Fun as always, it was great to meat Liza, Troy and Ian. Maybe they’ll have another Panasonic Event soon where we’ll cross paths again, but until then, Twitter will suffice!

All in all a great even, thanks to Soup for inviting me to the event, and thanks to Panasonic for holding a great event where we could socialize, drink, eat, and play with new Tech Goodies. Till next time!

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