The ASUS Padfone Announced

The ASUS Padfone Announced

The current COMPUTEX 2011 event has just started in Taipei, but that doesn’t mean the even hasn’t thrown up some juicy products already, like the ASUS Padfone, which combines an ASUS Phone (most probably running Android) with an ASUS Tablet, hence – The Padfone. This is most definitely the first product of its kind that we’re aware of, and we’re not quite sure how exactly to react to it.

On one hand, the Padfone is kind of cool, on the other, it’s not like we woke up one morning yearning for a day when we could shove our phones inside our tablets. Either way, it’s still a cool product that should be in markets by the end of the year. The Phone itself might be running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android), and it feature’s a 4.3inch touch screen, which is already large by phone standards. The Tablet itself features a 10.1inch High Resolution Screen, although ASUS claim they haven’t settled fully on the dimensions and the product you will see today is just a mockup for the time being.

The beauty of it us that the dock where the phone goes into the tablet is connected via mini usb and HDMI, meaning the screen resolution from the phone expanded to fit the tablet screen size will be amazingly clear (unlike iPhone to iPad App increases). So in all fairness the tablet is just a slate, which is powered by the phone. The slate includes speakers, an extended battery to charge the phone within the slate, so what that translates to is that buying the tablet by itself would be pointless because it won’t work! That obviously means that the 3G connection would be shared between the phone and the slate, but hopefully it brings 4G to the table as well.

There’s not much else to go on, no Pricing, or Availability yet (although think Christmas Period), but while we’re not quite sure how sold we are on the concept ASUS has produced, we’re definitely interested in getting a hands on experience with it when it’s ready to be released. For now enjoy the videos below.


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