The ASUS Eee PC – The New Generation?

The ASUS Eee PC – The New Generation?

The first Eee PC released was back in 2007, if you were aware of what was going on back then, then it was basically a turning point in computer technology as to where laptops were heading. The Eee PC was first designed to be an ultra portable notebook, which then made led to the use of the word we are so familiar with today – “the netbook”. Now days, all the other computer brands are starting to market their own netbooks as it was a major hit, and everyone would want a piece of the netbook (they’re cheap and portable!). So naturally, the next question you might be asking is – Now where are ASUS taking the Eee Pc to?

Their latest iteration of the  Eee PC they are planning on releasing will be revealed at COMPUTEX 2011(Start May 30th) and it will be an ultra-slim version. Now just looking at it, I’d think it looks better than original Eee PC for sure, and one cannot help comparing it to the MacBook Air. Comparing it to the MacBook Air and other netbooks, I’d take the ASUS Eee over them any day because it’s slim, it’ll be powerful (hopefully), and it should have a decent price. Now what would this do to the consumer market? It’s obviously a good netbook to have; I know I would get it and I’m willing to bet there are others out there that might be thinking the same thing!

The unit is said to come with SSD’s (Solid Slate Drive) (just like the original Eee PC), in 16GB, 32GB (and probably a 64GB). The best part of an SSD is that it acts faster than a hard drive does, and makes your computer a whole lot faster when using it. Now this model will come in both a removable battery and a fixed battery (by which you cannot remove it easily, and we presume this will be due to a difference in Pricing as well). The ports available on this are going to be limited as it is a pretty slim device, you can see a single USB port in the image, and a power port. There will more than likely put an additional USB port and headphone/microphone jacks on the other side, to which we don’t have a picture just yet.

The CPU is unknown at this point, but it is probably going to be an Intel Atom CPU (for heat and power consumption reasons). It has been rumored that they might add chrome OS (Google’s operating system), but that is unconfirmed as of now. We all want to see this netbook with the best specs and that ultra-low price that ASUS originally set down on the first Eee, and hopefully come COMPUTEX we might have just that. Well, what exactly will this do to the market, and how will it affect all of the other netbooks out there?We suppose it all comes down to what those numbers ASUS decide to set on this Eee, but knowing how competitively ASUS usually set their product prices, we won’t be surprised if this Eee PC doesn’t break the bank (unlike it’s competitors). Not much more has been said about this device, but why would they need to when COMPUTEX 2011 is so close?

We’ll have more information on this soon!