Techin5 Future Events

Techin5 Future Events

So here at Techin5, a tech website, you might think we obviously must get some good tech events we get to go to right? Right indeed, so I thought I’d share 2 upcoming events that Techin5 is attending, or rather myself, representing Techin5.

May 6th – We’re attending the Official Gizmodo AU meetup this week, which is actually being sponsored by Windows Azure (Windows Azure helps developers build, host and scale web applications through Microsoft datacenters).

There’s plenty of free food, drinks, and the night boils down to a trivia night where one team will rule them all! We actually don’t know what to expect from it, but here’s hoping to a fun night. If you’re going as well, stop by and say hi!


May 11th – We’ve also been invited to have a look at the 2011 Panasonic Home Entertainment Launch, where we’ll be able to see and interact (hopefully) with all the new goodies Panasonic are planning to release in 2011 in the Home Entertainment Section. This should be quite cool, and we’ll most certainly have plenty of pictures to show off (pertaining to how Panasonic allows pictures of course).

It’s sure to be an exciting event. So on May 6th, 6pm (AEST Time) onwards, look out for us updating on twitter (with @techin5) under the #panasonic2011launch hashtag.

But all in all, it should be an exciting 2 weeks for Techin5, and we hope that if any of our readers are going to any of the same events as I am, please do stop by and say hi, I do love talking to Techin5 readers. If you’re not, then stay tuned for future articles!

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