Techin5 at the Gizmodo Meetup

Techin5 at the Gizmodo Meetup

So Thursday the 5th of May was the Official Melbourne Gizmodo/Lifehacker meetup (slash trivia night), which we were invited to (and by invited I mean we applied and got on the list). It was a typical cold and overcast day in Melbourne as we (Myself and a friend) made our way over to ‘The Grace’ in Collingwood where the official meetup was being held.

As we entered and checked our names off the guest list, we were quite impressed that Microsoft Windows Azure was sponsoring not only the prizes for the event, but free food, and best of all, an open bar. Actually the open bar is why the quality of the following pictures are so terrible, so I do apologize for that in advance (blame forgetting to turn the flash on, add in a dash of the dark room we were located in, and the end result is what you will see below). Either way, we attacked that open bar like we hadn’t had any liquid’s for days… free bar’s tend to have that affect on us. I must point out all these pictures are being taken on a Samsung Omnia 7.

As you can see, we positioned ourselves in the perfect position in the room, halfway between the bar and the screen which we would need to obviously see to be able to compete in the trivia. The trivia consisted of pitting a team of 5, against 7 other teams of 5. And all without the use of technology to aide us in the trivia since the room was so far underground that phone reception was a measly 1 bar at best. We joined 3 other guys, and aptly named our team – ‘Team Awesome’.




And of course, all the Gizmodo and Lifehacker Editors and writers were present, including Nick Broughall, Seamus Byrne, Angus Kidman (aka Gus), and probably some other writers who I was unable to talk to during the night. As you can see here trivia night is in full affect, but don’t let the relaxed atmosphere fool you.. the competition was deadly… you know.. for nerds of course. Trivia and True/False (solo) questions followed suite.





Break time. That means drinks and snack time. Of course, Tim, a representative from Microsoft was in attendance to give us a great idea of what Windows Azure is.







And of course, while our Team (Awesome) was unable to capture the Gizmodo/Lifehacker crown (we placed 4th out of 8 teams, which frankly.. with the amount of beer and food our table was consuming is a decent effort), we still had a great time there. Prizes included an xbox 360 with a kinect (already got that), Crysis 2 and Homefront xbox games (double tick to those), so as you can imagine I wasn’t exactly missing out on much. Of course the only thing I ‘was’ missing from the prizes was a Microsoft Arc mouse, which I was unable to procure. Well, that and a Microsoft Azure Platform University notebook, which I didn’t exactly win but I still managed to get just by asking (who knew right? I should have just ‘asked’ for that xbox 360) but Thanks Seamus! So I managed to get a prize without winning a trivia or a solo true/false round… that’s what I call winning! So overall, thanks to Gizmodo AU, Lifehacker AU, and Windows Azure for a great night, and I can’t wait till next year’s meetup.

P.S. If anyone is interested in downloading Windows Azure, or just want to learn more, click here. Simply choose your country, and enter the unique code ‘Thinkazure‘ and getyour free 30-day Trial to Windows Azure without the need of a credit card. You’re welcome.

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