Sony Confirm that the Playstation 4 is in development

Sony Confirm that the Playstation 4 is in development

Sony’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato (yes that’s an actual real position within Sony unlike Kevin Butler’s many.. MANY made up positions) has confirmed through a conference call with investors that the Playstation 3’s successor, aptly names the Playstation 4, is already under development in Sony Headquarters, or Sony Factory, or wherever they make the damn thing. The call took place to assure investors and shareholders that there was a reason for Sony’s mass loss in profits as well as why there was an increase in research and development.

Those of you with PS3’s shouldn’t panic just yet, development of any new product takes time and especially due to Sony’s past ‘hiccups‘ this past few weeks, you can be sure Sony will be doing everything to make sure this new product doesn’t flop. Hopefully while they’re at it they can also make sure it doesn’t blow our budgets once again (That’s what I get for buying the PS3 the day it came out in Australia…). Either way, development is already underway and we could see this product launching anywhere between 2013 and 2016 (the later of which was ‘supposed’ to be the year the PS3 was finally supposed to make way for it’s successor as told by Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Kaz Hirai).

Are we all ready for another shift in the gaming revolution? I’m still fairly content with my PS3 and Xbox 360 right now as far as things go, and I’d rather prefer to have the next gen consoles come out later rather than sooner, but anything could happen we suppose. How about the rest of you, what are your thoughts? The comments below are yours!

Source: CNET

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