Samsung unveils their 75-inch 3DTV

Samsung unveils their 75-inch 3DTV

Samsung releases a new 75” Premium Smart TV in Korea, the D9500

Samsung has just released it’s massive 75-inch Premium Smart 3DTV in Korea yesterday, called the D9500. Samsung claims not only is this their biggest TV, but it is also their clearest but also their highest performance TV. Saying that Samsung makes some of the best tv’s in the world today, thats a big call, especially with such a large TV. The D9500 features a 75inch 240Hz (this number relates to the refresh rate of the TV, the higher the better the refresh rate – which is good), with inbuilt 3D Technology, possibly making this not only Samsung’s biggest 3DTV, but the world’s biggest 3DTV.

Features include:

  • 75inch 3D Panel (LED Backlit)
  • Black Diamond Panel
  • Qwerty Smart TV Remote (just as the model in the picture above is holding)
  • A Smart Hub (again as seen on the TV in the picture above)
  • Usual Samsung TV Applications

Of course with the Applications and Smart TV Remote you can also browse the internet on your tv (probably not in 3D). Of course, to have the best you have to pay for the best, and the only price quotes here is the ‘not so small’ sum of $USD17,600 which might scare away some (most) potential customers.

Source: Engadget
via: Samsung

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